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Sleep Paralysis

I was having lunch with a friend and colleague one day, and like many interactions I’ll get asked a personal question about… Sleep! She told me she had been recently having problems with Sleep Paralysis. SayWhat??? Imagine that you awaken from a peaceful slumber, then in your transition to wake, you know you are awake,… Read more »

Sleep and Workplace Safety

Why is sleep health important for Workplace Safety and Occupational Medicine? Did you know… FACT: Fatigued workers are 70% more likely to be involved in workplace accidents. FACT: Sleep-related fatigue costs business $150 billion a year in medical costs, absenteeism, workplace accidents, and lost productivity. FACT: Presenteeism (attending work while sick), accidents, poor judgment and… Read more »

WASO The Owl

The true star of Paradise Sleep Children’s Books Series is WASO the owl.   WASO (Wake After Sleep Onset). This is what parents complain about most. Parents commonly eventually get their kids to sleep, but they wake up and come back to parents room, do things around the house, etc… This is why WASO is… Read more »

Mindfulness Resource Guide

This is a special feature from fellow health advocate Juliette Foster, who has personally used mindfulness therapy in her life to reduce stress… and now desires to share her resource guide with others! Reap the Benefits of Adopting Mindful Principles Mindfulness can benefit your physical and mental well-being, but what does this practice involve and… Read more »

Infant Sleep

My friends, It is a joy to announce that Sometimes I Dream, A Book For Infant Sleep has been published and is now available on Amazon and Halo Publishing! Why a book on infant sleep? Two reasons: (1) Good sleep habits are learned, and when learned in infancy they are carried with us through life. (2) Reading to children before… Read more »