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One Little Bird

Once upon a time there was a bird in a forest. The bird had several friends, squirrels, badgers, and mice. One day there was a forest fire. There hadn’t been any rain in a while so the fire spread fast and quickly as it surrounded the forest. The bird didn’t want to leave his friends,… Read more »

Story Telling for Adults

The Sleep Guy loves telling stories… but what many don’t know is that I equally love telling stories to adults as well. Why? Because everyone of us has an inner child that has learned that slow and steady wins the race or not to cry wolf through a story. So I partner with the Santiva… Read more »

Kids and Sleep Meds

Should You Use Medications To Help Your Child Sleep? “The initial response (and second and even third) to the question “Should I give my child (should my teenager take) something to help her sleep?” is NO (no, no). There are lots of very good reasons not to, chief among them is that there are no… Read more »

Sleep Puzzle

There is a lot of information on the Paradise Sleep website. There are some tips present that may get you better sleep tonight! There is also a large volume of information and may leave somebody feeling puzzled.     Let this page here be your map—or compass—as to how to build your sleep-health knowledge to… Read more »

Lucid Dreaming

One night I remember being in bed, anxiously watching the clock trying to sleep. Of which, this is a big No-No. I always tell my patients not to clock watch.   Then I found myself setting both of my alarm clocks so I wouldn’t oversleep. BAM!!! That is when I realized I was dreaming!  … Read more »