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Bubbles To Sleep

Next time you find yourself trying to unwind in bed, imagine your inner child blowing bubbles. Purse your lips round, and gently/slowly blow as you exhale. Exhale to where there is almost no more air in your lungs, but not till it hurts. Visualize the clear bubbles, with the reflexion of your inner child or… Read more »

The Sleep Diet

I believe everyone has the capacity to make this world a better place. I believe that when one is well rested they function better and with more compassion. I believe that everyone is capable of sleeping better, and this book can serve as the first step to allowing your mind to unplug, to experience peaceful,… Read more »

Circadian Sleep Disorders

Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are a group of sleep disorders affecting the timing of sleep.   A person’s desire and ability to fall asleep is influenced by both the length of time since the person woke from an adequate sleep, and by internal circadian rhythms. Thus, the body is ready for sleep and for wakefulness… Read more »

Sleep & Muscle

Muscles need sleep too!   Sleep is a restorative process for the mind and body. Sleep allows for repair of muscles as well as hormone secretion that allows for muscle growth. Different process occur in the different stages of sleep, including REM and Non-REM sleep.   The first part of the night of sleep has… Read more »

Sleep Made FUN !!!

Sleep Science Education Videos. This videography series was made with intent to provide public health information about sleep. As well as to help educate family members and loved ones about sleep disorders. Sleep Facts & Trivia! Normal Sleep Sleep Over The Ages Understanding Sleep Drive Sleep Apnea Restless Legs Narcolepsy in a Nutshell INSOMNIA Narcolepsy… Read more »