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Texting Insomnia

Common observation: When someone can’t sleep, they post about it on Facebook.    We are not telling you not to do it. Sometimes people get a sense of release when they vent. However ask yourself the following questions next time before you post about your insomnia.   After posting about your insomnia… 10. Do you… Read more »

Stimulus Control

What do you associate your bed with? Good sleep? Frustrations of not sleeping?   Stimulus Control as an effective intervention for sleep problems. In stimulus control we attempt to get one to associate their bed with peaceful sleep. We emphasize the association of relaxing, wind down, sleep-promoting activities to the bedroom in general.   More… Read more »

Sleep Restriction

SRT (Sleep Restriction Therapy) – Get out of bed if you’re not asleep!   The concept of sleep restrictions is to restrict the time in bed to sleep only. Go to bed when tired, get out of bed if you cannot sleep.   Sometimes when someone cannot sleep, they go to bed earlier and try… Read more »

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene involves promoting good sleep habits. One problem with sleep hygiene that I find is that I find it ineffective to give a patient a list of do’s and don’ts without explaining the biological and/or behavioral effect. That is why in The Sleep Diet I have the chapter “Sleep Hygiene is Crap”. Sleep Hygiene… Read more »

Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy involves various methods or techniques for the alleviation of insomnia that help to relax the mind and the body and which can facilitate sleep onset. Some have defined relaxation therapy as quiescent self inquiry. An individual is not moving, attention is focused inwardly, and the individual is in control of ones thoughts and… Read more »