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Mindfulness and Sleep

Mindfulness and Sleep   Five Benefits of Mindfulness   Formal meditation practices (body scan, yoga, sitting meditation) have been shown to… 5. Lower levels of anxiety, depression, anger, and worry. 4. Reduce ruminative thinking (slow down racing thoughts). 3. Increase feelings of joyfulness, gratitude, and satisfaction with life. 2. Improve sense of sense of well… Read more »

Cognitive Approach To Insomnia

Cognitive Approach To Insomnia   There are two well explained ways of examining beliefs/behaviors. One way is directly questions the logic of your beliefs. Another method to is for the therapist to discuss experiences and give oneself an opportunity to collect their own thoughts on these beliefs, helping them come to realization that some beliefs/behaviors… Read more »

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for insomnia is used to address the thoughts and beliefs that contribute to the problem initiating or maintaining sleep.   Common beliefs about sleep that are not helpful. – A bad sleep always equals a bad day. – Belief that sleep becomes unpredictable, random. This becomes anxiety provoking. – The belief… Read more »

Sleepy After Sex?

Yes this is a family centered website. But two things: 1. Where do babies come from? 2. I have had several people ask the question privately, why do they get sleepy after sex? The only silly question is the one you didn’t ask, because somebody probably has the same question.   Both men and women… Read more »

Kids and Restless Legs

Kids can have restless legs syndrome (RLS) too. RLS is characterized by uncomfortable sensations in legs, toes, or even limbs. The discomfort is worse at rest, worse at night, and is relieved by movement. The problem is kids don’t frequently have such vocabulary to express this. Kids with RLS will frequently complain more of pain,… Read more »