I have been a pediatrician in town for almost 2 decades and well acquainted with Dr Colon. He is very well trained in pediatric Neurology with a specialty in Sleep disorders. I highly recommend Dr Colon. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in sleep disorders both in adults and children but he has an excellent rapport with patients. He is very patient and explains in detail the normal and abnormal process of sleep. My patients have returned very happy with their visit with Dr Colon and he has helped manage very difficult chronic sleep conditions. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism first hand when a relative of mine consulted with him and I will continue to refer to him not only my pediatric patients but any other patient I am aware may need help with sleep problems

Silva, Piedade M.D.  Pediatrician 

Why do we refer our patients to Dr. Colon?

“I have had the privilege to see and listen Dr. Colon lecture other physicians on sleep disorders in both children and adults. I have seen very few colleagues throughout my professional life with the fund of knowledge, personal skills, ability to communicate and dedication as Dr. Colon. I have been very impressed with his willingness to sacrifice personal and professional time to educate others.

We at Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida have seen the incredible care that he provides and the passion and compassion that he treats our patients with, and we can not think of a better colleague to refer our patients to.

I am also a first hand witness to the generosity and commitment of Dr. Colon towards our community and what a great well rounded person he is.”

Jorge M. Quinonez MD • Executive V.P. and Chief Medical Officer • Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. • (239) 278-3600 • www.fhcswf.org

I am impressed with Dr. Colon’s whole person approach to sleep medicine. Beyond addressing the basics of a sleep study, Dr. Colon also takes the time and effort to educate patients about proper sleep hygiene and lifestyle changes they can implement to help themselves. Additionally he readily utilizes treatments beyond the masks and nose plugs involved with CPAP; many of our mutual patients have benefitted from dental devices and other less invasive modalities. I can recommend Dr. Jose Colon without hesitation.

Jon Burdzy DO, Family Medicine 

Dr. Colon is expert in all aspects of sleep disorders for both adults and children. When I refer my patients to a specialist, I only refer to where I would send my own children. I would trust Dr. Colon with my family and would recommend him without reservation for yours.

Annette M. St. Pierre-MacKoul, M.D.